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Welcome to our free mentoring program!

We offer free, online, 1 to 1 mentoring cycles with our STEM mentors spread around the world. All adults over 18 years old can apply.

We believe in life-long learning. You can register both as a mentor and mentee.

While a mentoring relationship can last for a lifetime, the purpose of our program is to answer specific questions over a period of time. For this reason, the participation in the program lasts 1 month but can be extended according to both participants’ purpose and availability. Mentors volunteer their personal time and might not be immediately available upon request. We ask for your understanding.

How to participate…

As a mentee, who seeks guidance:

  1. Browse our list of STEM mentors. Choose the mentor(s) who would suit you best based on their profiles.
  2. Fill in the registration form, specifying the mentor you chose. If you can’t decide, you can tick the option where we can choose one for you.
  3. We will bring you in touch with the mentor. 
  4. Contact them and start your mentoring cycle. 
  5. Email us to support you with anything that comes up.

As a mentor, who wants to offer their guidance:

  1. Complete the registration form to become a mentor. 
  2. Within approximately a month of your application, we will contact you to onboard you on our team of mentors.
  3. Once a mentee chooses you, we will contact you to inform you and provide more details. 

Notice- September 2022 : We just completed this year’s onboarding cycle for new mentors. You can still apply during the full year but the next cycle of new mentor onboarding will happen in 2023.  


How it works



How it works

Our approach to mentoring

Our lives change daily as do our needs. In an ever-changing world, study and career choices are often – at best – a random event or just uncertain decisions. A mentor can make a decisive contribution to such decisions and help someone curve their own path by providing insightful information, knowledge and ways of thinking.

The term mentoring refers to the consulting collaboration between a mentor and the mentee. A mentor is someone who guides and shares their knowledge and experience and a mentee is someone that seeks for guidance, for answers to their questions. 

At Greek Women in STEM, we believe that the most productive approach is when a mentor and a mentee build their relationship collaboratively, based on the needs of the mentee and the mentor’s capacity. As a result, we don’t set or limit the structure and content of your mentoring cycle (e.g. topics, communication platform, frequency etc.). Instead, we trust you to agree on this together. We are, however, by your side for any help throughout your mentoring cycles.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.





Do you have ideas, questions, comments or special requests?

Would you like to highlight your research project or nominate a researcher that you would like to learn more about?

Please write to our email or fill out the form and hit “send”. We will be happy to talk with you!

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