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Interviewing @GreekWomeninSTEM

Katerina & Natasa gave an interview at “We know how” about Greek Women in STEM

Dr. Papangelou and Dr. Bobota answered some key questions about our website, what we do and why girls should not hesitate pursuing a career in STEM fields.

Generation Woman

Loukia Lykidi shared her thoughts about the Symposium Women+

What was unique about this symposium? What was the take home message a someone outside STEM got? Why was the career advice session one of the most revealing parts of the symposium? We thank Loukia Lykidi for this beautiful article.

Interview at Vice Gr

Tatiana, Maria, Danai, Chrysovalantou, Kelly and Lina talked about the Greek Women in STEM team and their career

At beautiful interview by Melpomenh Maragkidou six members of Greek Women in STEM shared their thoughts and experience of being a female scientist.

Interviewing about the Women+ Sumposium

The organizing teams were invited at Generation Women

Loukia Lykidi made some excellent questions about the symposium Women+. Chrysovalantou & Lina represented Greek Women in STEM.

Kiki & Myrto talked on Athens 984

Greek Women in STEM in the show of Giorgos Apostolidis about the upcoming symposium and more

Giorgios Apostolidis invited Myrto & Kiki to his show at the radio station “Athens 984” to discuss about the upcoming symposium, what we do at Greek Women in STEM and their personal research goals and expertise.

You can listen the show show here.

WOMEN+ Symposium 1-3 October !

The first international symposium focusing on Greek Women Scientists is coming

Four bodies with purely voluntary action (Greek Women in STEMR.E.A.L. ScienceGreek Girls CodeLean in Greece
Women in Tech
) joined their forces in order to implement this first symposium “Women +” (Women positive) which will be held online 1-3 October 2021, with English as the official language!

April 11, 2021

Myrto talked about Greek Women in STEM at the greek public radio

April 11, 2021

Myrto is an active member of the Greek Women in STEM team and she is also a scientific writer and a mentor through our foundation.

Dr. Viktoria Taroudaki discussed about her research in computational mathematics and how she integrates her research in teaching classes in mathematics and applied mathematics.

Victoria is an active member of the Greek Women in STEM team and she is also a scientific writer and a mentor through our foundation. You can see the interview here.

Natasa Papangelou was invited by Ioanna Niaoti to discuss about the book  she co-authored “once upon a time in the future” that will soon become available in Greek. It is a team effort by scientists to talk through a children’s book about everyday adventures and how they can change the world.
Natasa is is an active member of the Greek Women in STEM team and she is also a scientific writer through our foundation.

A sneak peak in STEM

Saturday February 27, 2021 at 2PM

In collaboration with Anatolia College of Thessaloniki we presented a Webinar for everyone who is interested in following a career in STEM. We shared personal experiences, explained super cool techniques and answered your questions! You can see the webinar here. Thank you for the participation!

Giorgios Apostolidis invited Greek Women in STEM to his show at the radio station “Athens 984”.

You can listen the show show here.

Chrysovalantou and Lina presented Greek Women in STEM at Periklis Vasilopoulos’ show: Athens Calling.

Greek Women in STEM partnered with IAESTE Thessaloniki  for a series of career development webinars.

Lina talks here about the importance of mentoring and the benefits it has for both mentors and mentees.

November 16, 2020

First live presentation of Greek Women in STEM

November 16, 2020

We had our first interactive meeting to present our group and our mission.

November 2020

Interview at Vimagazino

November 2020

Lina explained how she decided to create Greek Women in STEM, the importance of female scientists support and her personal journey in academic research.