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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the mentoring program only for women?

No, our mentoring program is addressed to all scientists of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine) fields, regardless of gender. Mentoring is about sharing one’s experience and knowledge. Therefore, gender is not a criterion for becoming a mentor or mentee of our program. 

2. What does the mentoring program of “Greek Women in STEM” include?

This program is built up on three phases: onboarding, pairing and evaluation. 

Onboarding refers to the mentors’ onboarding on our pool of mentors. This is the point we welcome our mentors. 

Pairing refers to the matching of a mentee with a mentor. A mentee can either choose to get guidance from a specific mentor or request that we help them with choosing a mentor. In both cases, we facilitate the pairing communications and inform both parties (mentors and mentees) about the new mentoring cycle that starts. 

Evaluation refers to the end of the 1 month period, where both the mentor and the mentee can share their feedback about the programme. We love seeing constructive feedback, how the program worked out for you and how we can make it better.

3. What should I expect after expressing interest in the program?

As a mentee: A few days after filling out the entry form, a member of our team will contact you to confirm that we have received your application and to let you know if the mentor you selected is available at that time. We will also send you the mentor’s email and ask you to contact them to introduce yourself and start your mentoring cycle. 

  • What should I include in this first email to my mentor? It would be good to introduce yourself, describe your current acedemic/professional circumstances and what kind of guidance and questions you have. 

As a mentor: A few days after you fill out the registration form, a member of our team will contact you to confirm that we have received your application and to invite you on a mentor onboarding meeting. Once a mentee-to-be requests to be paired with you, we will share your email with them so that they can reach out to you. At the same time, we will inform you and send you their contact details so that you are aware they will contact you. When the mentee contacts you, please inform them about your time availability.

  • My mentee didn’t email me, what should I do? 

If you have been paired with a mentee but they haven’t emailed you after 7 days of our initial contact, please email us to let us know. We will inquire and facilitate further communications.

4. What kind of subjects can I discuss during my mentoring cycle?

You might have a certain question before starting but you might also feel lost and confused on your next step. Some of the most frequent subjects discussed in our mentoring cycles are:

  • Networking: expanding the circle of academic and professional contacts
  • Developing interview skills and preparing for the job market
  • Drafting the right CV and cover letter
  • Receiving professional guidance inside/ outside academia
  • Applying for postgraduate, doctoral, academic funding
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Transferring from academia to industry
  • Developing soft skills such as negotiating, being assertive etc. 
5. I am not an experienced mentor, could you share some resources with me?
6. What happens after the 1 month period is finished?

When the month of the program is over we will contact you to inform you that the program is over and to ask you to tell us your impressions; what went well and what we could improve in the programme. You will be also able to state if you want to continue your participation in the program.

7. As a mentor, my circumstances have changed. How do I change my details/ stop participating in the programme?

Please email us to notify us about any changes of your personal details (e.g. you changed jobs) or if you decide you no longer wish to be a mentor for Greek Women in STEM. We will adjust your website mentor profile accordingly.

For further questions or comments, please email us at